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You never know when you will miss a shooting by 10 minutes.

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My sister drives school buses in crossville, our home town, and the day of this shooting, they had a inservice on terrorist attacks of all things, the inservice ended, everyone went home to await the afternoon bus routes, and she didn't know until she was starting her route and got a call, for everyone to stay away from the bus garage, it was on lockdown. A shooting had occurred 10 minutes after the inservice ended. Many drivers leave the bus at the garage, she is one of those that has enough space at home to take it home with her, so she and the others who are able to do the same had to run the routes for those that didn't have access to the buses. She also does not know who was shot as they are keeping that information tight to the vest. She said the rumor mill is that this was a disgruntled employee. but this is just speculation. She finished all of the routes she had to run yesterday before she fully knew what had gone down and how close she was to it.

When i saw it on the news i called the relatives in crossville, i live about a hour away, and couldn't reach my sister, but knew that she doesnt look at her phone while she is driving her route. But i was able to talk to my mother, who said everything was fine. My moms account of the situation was, she had stopped to get some tea at a drive through, and saw a ambulance and a police car go driving by with lights on, where she was, she thought it was a wreck, or some other of the usual things, then she saw another ambulance, and a large firetruck, so she was thinking wreck on the interstate that is very near her, and a few seconds later 3 more police cars and another ambulance. so she at that time had a notion something was up, but never suspected what actually happened, she was thinking bad wreck. On her drive home she heard on the radio about the shooting and that police were telling everyone to avoid that area for now, and if you live in that area to stay indoors and lock them.

All this happened very near at the same time, so when my mom called my sister she had already gotten the call to stay away from the garage, but, was not told why, it wasnt untill after she had finished her routes that they told her what had happened, and when.

She is pretty rattled knowing she was that close to something like this. She had already signed up for a carry class before this had happened, but it kinda cements why she was doing it.
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Wow; glad your loved ones are okay.

My wife and I saw some bad driving on the way home from work last year. Stopped at McDonalds, and then passed some emergency vehicles. Turned out we'd been about half a mile from a road rage shooting. Far as I know, they still haven't found the guy.
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