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Well, last week we had some doozy winds that shredded my slapdash target stand I'd thrown together with the pallets my wood pellets come on. It worked fairly well for what it was, for about a year/year and a half...till last week. 50-60+ MPH winds + too many holes = pile of pallet chunks in my yard.

I got thinking about what I'd like to replace it, then I remembered a range I was at last year in Arbor Vitae and decided to steal their stand idea.

So yesterday I ran to the local lumber yard and picked up the materials to build an actual target stand. I had some materials, like screws and 2x6 chunks, on hand. You can use any kind of screws I suppose, I prefer deck screws because they won't rust.

I'm a big DIYer, so I'll throw the instructions (and notes for future modification, after building this there are a couple things I'd change on the initial build) on how I made mine in case someone would like to do one of these at home for themselves.

Material list:
2 4x4x8 treated
2 2x4x8 untreated
1 2x6x5 untreated - was scrap I had laying around
1 .75x4x8 sheet treated plywood
18 3" deck screws
24 2" deck screws

I cut a 7 inch block off each of the 2x4s and then cut those blocks in half, so ended up with 4 3.5 inch blocks.

Measured down 1.5 inches from the top and mounted the first block to the top of post. The top of the block was at the 1.5 inch mark, using 2 3" deck screws.
Measured 4 feet from top and mounted the second block so the top of the block was at the 4 foot mark.
(All of those blocks are flush with the 4x4, so there's nothing sticking off to the sides of the 4x4.)

Cut the 5 foot 2x6 in half so I had 2 2x6x2.5
Marked the center (15")
Marked 1.75" (13.25" and 16.75") out from center in both directions, This gave me the outline for where the 4x4 would sit.
Measured 6 feet from top and mounted a 2x6 section, so the bottom end was at the 6 foot mark (leaving a minimum of 2 feet for anchor. My 4x4s were actually a touch over 8 feet long), using 3 3" deck screws

Then dug 2 2.5 ft deep holes roughly 8 feet apart, set the posts in using the 2x6 feet to act as stops and support.
Rotate the posts so the 2x4 blocks are facing each other.

Set the 2x4s on each of the blocks, joining the two posts, some adjustment to the holes in the ground may be necessary to get the posts square.
Toenail the top and bottom 2x4s to the posts using 1 3" deck screw at the top of each join. Then toenail each 2x4 to the post using a 2" deck screw at the BACK of each join.

Mount the plywood to the posts and 2x4s using the remaining 2" deck screws. I use screws so it'll be easy to replace the plywood when it gets too shot up to be usable.

Fill the holes in the ground with the dirt (or in my case, clay and rocks) from the holes.

Couple notes of what I may change in the future. Place wood blocks on the front of the 4x4s to set the plywood on to make mounting it easier. I also managed to make the support feet (2x6s) run parallel to the plywood, next time I will be orienting them to the sides of the posts to help keep the target stand from rocking in the wind.

I'm also going to be adding plywood backed target boxes (probably 8 inches square) in columns along the sides of the posts for silly things like hanging golf/paint balls or standing clays in to leave the primary target area only for stapling paper targets to. Also will be building a rail along the bottom for setting the gongs and bowling pins.

I think my total cost on this 4'x8' target stand is around $45 and about an hour's labor.


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LoL Well, when you get myself, my brother, and my stepdad all in one place together, it doesn't take long to run out of target space. Especially when I run my SD pistol drills, actually thinking about building a couple more stands. I'd really like to build one of those fire training houses like they use on Self Defense TV, that would be fun as hell to run through...probably use an airsoft for that though...be too much of a pain to keep rebuilding it<g>

Like they say, anything worth doing...is worth overdoing<g>

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Nice! So shooting party at your place right? We'll bring the steaks and beer for AFTER the shooting session! :D
LoL hell yeah, come on over, always have room for a couple more. Hoping to do a pig roast type get together this year if everything goes right.

Next outdoor project: walk in smoker/smokehouse.
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