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Wyoming Cast Bullets Co.

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Anybody had any dealings with them? Placed an order a while back and got super fast shipping. Placed another order recently and no contact since. No email response etc. Web site is still up. Hope these guys aren't shysters. A lot of 'em out there these days. :fart:
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I saw an ad for them, but know nothing about them.

I was dealing with Collins cartridge Company, out of texas, Got an invoice, and email saying my shipment would be delayed. That was Oct 31. Emailed them middle of Nov, and first of Dec. No product, no response, web site says what I ordered is now in stock. But the price is up.

I was not billed on CC, for the product. But very poor response to inquiries.
Well I am a happy man!!

Collins Cartridge Co. outa Texas came thru with my delayed delivery.

I now am set with 9 mm fmj, 45 colts, fmj and jhp, and 22 LR and Mag.

But what did I do! I ordered a 357 today, so I need 38's and 357 now. Does it ever end.
of course you could send me the 357, then you won't have to deal with those slimy 38/357 bullets. no charge. dan
i was reading about one caster said lead hadn't increased that much, but the cost of the other metals used to harden bullets had gone up 75%.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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