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That's a good question. I haven't loaded in years but am setting it all back up, I will have it all done and mounted etc. today and will reload some tonite or in morning. I just got back into shootin and the .40 wasn't around then. I own 2 and have read all I can find on this matter. The one constant thing they seem to agree on is the .40 likes the medium burning powders the best. I have some 180gr. speer gold dots and 180gr.jhp (bulk from gun show) I believe sabre I am going to load. I am going to try Unique and some Blue dot mainly because they used to be 2 of my favorites. I will let you know how they do and let me know any loads that you seem to like, I would be grateful.
I have a good powder burn rate chart if you'd like a copy.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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