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I've actually found W231 to be dirtier than the present Bullseye or Red-Dot, and prefer Red-Dot. I also use a lot of WST and prefer it to W231, but good WST Load data is hard to come by. Particularly for the .40 S&W, for some reason.

WSF is a good powder and I used to use it, before I tried WST. WSF is more comparable to Alliant Unique and is good for performance loads. In Target Loads, it will burn dirtier than W231. If you are just planning on making Target Loads, then W231 would be your best bet between the two.

(I'm not a fan of W231, due to it's Cold Temperature Sensitivity, Muzzle Flash characteristics, and dirtier than WST or Red-Dot burning!)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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