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have a couple of bags of Canon cameras. Most are mine from years gone by but a couple are things I picked up in trade just for lenses and such. Looking to trade all for one good pistol, revolver or rifle. Cash price starts at $500/OBO for all. What do you have?

EOS Bodies and lenses

Elan (good)
630 (fair...these early ones are metal and built like tanks)
650 (Like new...best of the bunch)

Canon 35-105 slide barrel
Canon 35-90 twist zoom (one of the basic ones that comes on the rebel)
Sigma 70-300 good condition , takes good pictures, slow focus in auto mode
Sunpak 433AF Flash

AE1 Program outfit (excellent)
AE1P body

Canon 50mm F1.4 lens Like new
Canon 50mm F1.8 lens Like new
Canon 28mm F2.8 lens Excellent
Sears 60-300 4-5.6 Fair
Vivitar 5600D flash
Bunches of filters, doubler, macro lens adapters,etc.

[email protected]
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