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I have as nice Sig 239 9mm pistol that I've been carrying for a while as my CCW. The gun works great, shoots great and has no problems beyond a bit of finish wear. I just started carrying a new to me Kahr K9 that has proven more practical for my uses though so the Sig needs to go.

The Sig has at least 90% finish remaining(calling it very conservatively) and the pics below are very representative of it's condition and were taken just a couple of days ago. Blueing thinning on the corners, muzzle and a bit on the slides rear where it's turning a bit plum-colored. Some blue wear of barrel as would be expected. I have a few hundred flawless rounds through this gun and I bought it used a couple of years ago myself so I know the count is a bit higher. The gun wears standard Sig sights (not night-sights) and a set of Hogue grips. It comes with a VG condition brown leather Kramer IWB holster that I paid over a hundred dollars for if I remember correctly. It will also come with three Sig 8 round mags and one Sig 10 round extended mag (Those mags usually sell for over thirty dollars each).

I'd like to trade for anything interesting really, but just to give an idea of what I like;

S&W revolvers...especially big-bores.
Taurus big-bore revolvers
Ruger big-bore revolvers
10mm pistols
Long Glocks
Another Kahr K9 or K40
Remington BDL in .308
590A1 with ghost rings
Ruger single-six convertible
M1 Garand
$550 shipped to your ffl conus

We can work out any value differential in cash or additional trading of other gear. .
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