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THIS IS NOT THE GUN... the gun comes with out sling.. with out heat-sheild... one screw is missing on front but there is one on back... front bb sight is there...

stain color.... i just.. stuck in 2 new parts
the 2 peices that holds the shell in place...
clean gun shot only 5 times!!! total rounds 100...
i did use a dremal on the pump rails to make it smoother when pumped it works great...
it even comes with a 50 doller gun case soft leather...
this is a great deal trades only.. the gun is about 2 years old few little scratches

i want to do a swap a rem 870 express mag or police mag...

it is a great gun but as all shots guns they act up!!! at times... some times the trigger needs to be re-set and thats a easy take a part... you are buying as is make sure you know that before you do a trade or swap.... no returns
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