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**SOLD**WTT Excellent condition PT111 Millenium Pro **SOLD**


Well I did it again! Been horse trading and have acquired a second PT111 (I have a brand new one that is my primary carry gun) and would like to trade it. It is in excellent condition (see pics) with no flaws that I can find and looks new. The guy I got it from said he thought it had approx 50 rounds through it, and when I cleaned it that's about what it looked like. I shot a mag full of Federal 115gr. FMJ through it and in functions flawlessly. I have around $325 in it and think that's a reasonable value to establish for trading purposes. It does not have a box, only one mag, no manual. I do have a key I can supply with it and could give up my box for the right deal. I am looking for a TCP 738+$ in excellent condition. I would also consider a PT745. Those are the only ones I'm really looking for right now, but I would consider any handgun that shoots and strikes my fancy:cool:. Would really like to trade ftf with someone in Mississippi to avoid the shipping/FFL transfer costs if possible.

PT111right.jpg PT111left.jpg
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