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WTS: Slim Walnut Factory Grips Taurus Model ????

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SOLD on 2/24. (Mods: how do I delete this now? Thanks.)

Bought a set of walnut grips on ebay. Seller said they were for small frame (they are), and were too small for his Model 82. Thinking all small frames were alike, I bought them, and they'd fit my 851 at the bottom, but are too tall.

Anyone interested can PM me and I can give you any dimensions you want. (top to bottom, bottom width, grip screw to bottom, whatever.) I could also scan the backs of them, though I'm not sure how clear that would come out. I thought mod 85 and 851 had same size grips, but no joy.

Will let them go reasonably. Taurus no longer sells these through parts dept.
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I'll take them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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