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WTS Beretta CX4 9mm in PA

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Do to a need for cash I am selling my Beretta CX4 9MM plus accessories. I am the second owner and it has about under 1500 rounds shoot. It takes the same mags as my 92FS. Included accessories are
1 Ten round CX4 Beretta magazine
3 Twenty round Mec Gar magazines
4 Fifteen round magazines, I think they are a asian manufacture
Top Rail
NcStar Tactical 4 Reticle Red Dot sight
The original hard case
I also have have soft Beretta carry case for it

Asking $475.00 FTF or that plus actualy shipping cost. At this time prefer to sell as a package but will listen to all questions and offers

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I already have one and paid about $550.00 for mine over a year ago. If I didn't have one I'd have gone for it, that is a great price. To anyone that doesn't know, these 9mm carbines are dead-nutz accurate to 100yds easy with standard factory loads (wolf, winchester, etc.)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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