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*$*$*$*$* SOLD *$*$*$*$*

Sold all of them on Amazon.

Hi All,

With the recent return of my PT-101, I'm left with 5 near new/slightly used, taken out of the package, each fired around 2-4 rounds magazines. They are original Taurus magazines marked "PT100/101 CAL .40 - MADE IN BRAZIL". I'm asking $12 each + $5 Shipping (UPS priority flat rate box - whether you buy one or all five). Mix and match okay.

Here are a couple of pictures.

The magazine marked with a * has some wear spots on the side as evidenced in the picture(s) below.

PT101-mag-1.jpg PT101-mag-2.jpg

The pictures were taken with an inexpensive Nikon Coolpix camera and don't really capture how neat and new these mags look.

These are nice nearly new mags for less than 1/2 the cost of new. As a point of reference, check out these mags at CDNN Sports.

Thanks for looking!

Note: Oh, almost forgot, if you live in a 10 round max magazine state (like CA, IL, MA, etc.), I will only be able to sell you the 10 round mags trying to keep on the good side of the law.
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