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Hey guys,
I am thinking about either selling my P3AT or trading it for some type of snubbie, preferably TaurusM85 or 605 or S&W 642 or something similar in stainless. I would like a .357 but .38 is fine also. I am located in WPB FL. Local/Semi-local trades only.
I bought the P3AT NIB about 4 months ago. It has about 150 rounds through it with absolutely no problems whatsoever. The gun looks and functions perfect. It is the 2nd generation model. I have the box, booklet and receipt for it.
I did use some model paint on the front and rear sights but it should come off easily if needed. I added the +1 extension on it and still have the original parts. I have an extra mag, a Galco paddle holster and a Nemesis pocket holster for it. I also have 20 Speer Gold Dots I'll throw in.
It looks like these are getting harder to find down here. I paid $279 +tax. Looking for $250 for everything or trade for the above mentioned.
If interested, let me know. Thanks.
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