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WTB Taurus 617

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So if youve seen any of my last posts I'm interested in picking up a 617 revolver. Let me know if anyone is thinking of getting rid of theres. I know there not too expensive but I'd rather pick one up on a good deal.
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Don't really see too many 617's and 817's for sale. They are keepers. I know I'll never part with my 817.

My suggestion is go new. A 617 will only run you around $300-$330 brand new.
Just keep checking www.gunbroker.com. They will have something.
budsgunshop.com has a blued one
Got mine 3 months ago from Buds Gun Shop love it. Carry it most of the time or my PT-145. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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