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WTB Sigma used houston tx

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Anyone have a Smith and wesson Sigma they dont use that they want to get rid of. Let me know how much and please post a picture and some info on it.
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A Sigma.....? won't that feel kind of odd sitting in the Taurus stable ;) Kind of like the "red headed step-child"...
Naw it will not be alone

Heres the one I have now

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Its more of a greyish blueish color. It was one they made about 15 years ago
You have a grey one? any pics?
Mine was black grips with a stainless slide, but i recently traded it for a sp101 target grey in box. wanted a snubby to go with my milpro
I have the vew gen Sigma 9ve, black poly frame and stainless slide...

the grey looks pretty cool...have you had any probs with it? I have heard the older gens had issues...but then again, they are comparing it to a $200000000000 handgun...

I got mine for 150.00 from a buddy...here in Memphis, you can get them brand new for 299.00 in either 9mm or 40...if you shop, you can get them cheaper, and right now, S&W has a deal that you get 2 extra mags with a mail in rebate. 4 mags and the gun for WAY under 400 isnt bad.
I have not had one single problem with it in over 3000 rounds, would you like to sell me your black and stainless?
sorry for the delay on this one...Im not ready to sell mine, I am actually looking to buy a carry so the Sigma can protect the home. (I joined the site to learn about the millenium pro .40 or the 24/7 40)

good luck in your search!! they are out there for great prices!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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