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I know this topic has been discussed over and over but does anyone know of wood grips available for the 627 tracker? Nill-Griffe has them but I was hoping some others were out there. Anyone tried making their own? Thanks for your help!

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this is a good website, comet66 beat me too it..lol
He is right.. ;)

Here is a thread about the frame size and holsters for a Tracker:


I am not sure about how Taurus relates to S/W frame sizes, but they do somehow..
did not see anything for the 627 in the Taurus Grips section of the website..
So i checked the S/W grips on there,just need to see how close they are to the Tracker 627..
One of those might work with a little modification
It seems the 627 is based on the L frames of S/W, not sure though..

good luck
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