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I started to notice that after hunting season a lot of 30-30's have come down in price to before all the "get one because they are no longer made" hoopla. Have any you noticed a price drop where you live? And did anybody get burned on a sale?
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I haven't seen any Winchester lever guns, just Marlin. I guess there are still some warehoused though.
I got mine (model94) before they shut down. And,
what are you guys doing up so early on a Sunday morning!? ;) :)
Oh, & I don't know about getting burned; but I paid four hundred &
change for mine.
They are shutting down production of the lever action 30-30?
Bubba said:
They are shutting down production of the lever action 30-30?
Winchester/US Repeating Arms Co. (USRAC) is completely gone under. Factory is boarded up and workers are all laid-off, permanently! Unless someone buys what's left of it and starts it up again, they will never come back. What's left will probably be auctioned off to settle the debts with Creditors, and this may have already happened.
Ditto what jwc007 said. All this transpired back in March of this year.
I got my model94 just before they shut everything down.
I need to buy one before they are too hard to find..unless its too late
Marlin bought them up and thet are moving production to Howa in Japan
I just looked at the Winchester Model 94AE in .45 Colt with 16 inch barrels on Gunbroker.com. I bought one about two years ago for about $350 new. Nice to see something increase in value. :yipee:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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