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Wilson 367D Three Dot Sight

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A whiile back, MoReloader started a thread on the Wilson Combat 367D Three Dot Sight. This is a forty dollar sight set for the 1011 Govt. Model. I have a SA/DA PT145 MilPro. I love the PT145, but I could not get used to the Heinie two dot sight. I ended up installing the Wilson 367D sight, and all I can say is WOW! The 367D is not a night sght, but in low light conditions, it is much more visible than the Heinie two dot sight. And for me, those three dots just line right up. The following are installation notes.

The Heinie front sight on the SA/DA PT145 MilPro is held in its dovetail with a Torx T6 set screw. I had to apply some heat with a pencil torch to get the set screw to budge (don't overdo the heat). Loosen the screw, and off it comes. I had to remove some metal from the bottom of the new Wilson 367D front sight to even get it started into the dovetail. I did this by working it back-and-forth on a mill bastard file and checking the fit often. Once I was able to get it started in the dovetail, I drifted it in with a brass punch, centered it, and applied Crazy Glue to keep it from moving. The Crazy Glue was probably overkill, but I did not want the front sight to shift around (ever!).

The Heinie rear sight was held in place with a Torx T9 set screw. Loosen the set screw and off it comes. The new Wilson rear sight had to be shimmed in order to fit properly. A piece of .008 inch feeler gage was cut to shape with a pair of scissors. This was placed on the rear face of the sight's dovetail, and then the sight and shim were drifted into place with a brass punch. There was enough friction so that the shim held in place on the sight as the two were drifted into place. YMMV. The new Wilson rear sight is held in place with a .060 hex key (1/16 inch?) which is supplied with the sight. The rear sight was centered, and the set screw was tightened. After sighting in at the range, Loctite was applied to keep the sight from shifting.

The trip to the range was most satisfying! The PT145 shot to point-of-aim at fifteen yards by holding the front dot directly on the center of the target. Ammo was WWB and American Eagle 230 Gr FMJ. Recoil was comfortable. The PT145 seemed to group a little better with the American Eagle, but that could have just been me.

This was the best forty Bucks I ever spent on a firearm. Thanks to MoReloader for bring the Wilson 367D to the forum.
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