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I will admit to having some trouble getting used to the fact that Hi-point became and has been a good gun. That was some years ago. I learned I had to be open minded to the fact that the Hi-points were good guns. Yes, there were troubles with early models. A.) That was taken care of rather quickly. B.) What was on the internet was not necessarily true and there were plenty of trolls where Hi-points were concerned. C.) Lesson learned. The Hi-point carbine even made it into a annual magazine about "assault weapons" and their related kin.

What was surprising (not to me-I'd learned the truth by that time) was that there were small police forces and individual LEOs who had them for themselves in patrol cars or at home. These were all reliable,durable and accurate. Same is true today.

For another example SCCY made several early models that were unreliable. After spending some time lurking at the gun forum for them I was expecting SCCY to go the way of the dodo. The forum members were in the better than 90% bracket that their early guns were dangerous and complete failures,etc.,and so on.

SCCY has now taken the bull by the horns. Their new models are 100% reliable for the most part and going to give Taurus and all the others who make small pistols a run for their money. SCCY guns are low cost. While the jury is still out on these, things have turned around for them. Time will tell.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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