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Taurus is considered a 2nd class gun because until the most current round of pistols, every thing they made was a licensed Knock Off. The PT 92 was a direct duplicate of the Beretta for the Brazilian military, the revolvers were based off of S&W designs and made from tools and equipment bought used from US factories.

In their beginning Brazilian steel was crap, brittle, prone to corrosion and inconsistent in smelting and forgings. Those memories still persist and why buy the knock off when I can afford the original. Taurus had come a long way, but the guns that don't work come quickly to the front and bring back bad memories for lots of folks. Today though, we see the larger firms copying the Taurus designs, which tells you something about market share.

Its a lot like GLOCK in the late 80s and plastic guns will never work or last. I still have a Gen1 GLOCK 17.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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