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In another (much younger) life, I was the service manager for a small boat dealer. We sold a few lines of boats, some pricey, some not as much. I was pretty young and thought that our boats were the best. Others might be OK, but wouldn't measure up to ours. Some I thought were downright junk and wouldn't hesitate to say so. I wouldn't have insulted someone's boat in front of them though.

When I got a few more years behind me and wanted to buy a boat, my thoughts turned somewhat. Perhaps some of the brands had improved over time or my perception changed.

I know I got a few sneers from some boat snobs. Some like the younger me, were young and didn't own a boat of any kind but were experts in their field.

The truth is folks often make uninformed statements. The reasons are probably as varied as the individuals - youth & inexperience, too lazy to become informed, crowd mentality, etc.

If you like your boat,car, gun, etc. and it works for you great. Enjoy and maintain your stuff & ignore the naysayers.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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