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This link on this thread has a pretty good comparison of the Taurus PT-92 and the Beretta 92FS. The author states that the Beretta has a more expensive, more durable finish and a chromed barrel. If you shoot steel-cased surplus Eastern Bloc ammo, the chromed bore might be handy. The finish on a 20-year-old Beretta might be shinier than the finish on a 20-year-old Taurus. The Beretta should stand up to holster wear better, but if you can't wear it in a holster anyway, that probably makes little difference. If your PT-99 is used strictly for target shooting (I infer that you're forbidden to use it for self-defense) with good brass-cased ammo and given reasonable care, it should last as long as a Beretta.

Taurus has a lifetime warranty, but is there a Taurus repair center in Australia? If not, shipping your pistol off for repair could be expensive. Because the folks at Taurus don't want amateur gunsmiths like me fiddling with the internals of their guns, they refuse to sell some “restricted parts.” Of course, a Beretta part might be interchangeable.

All that said, I like my vintage 1985 PT-92 so much that I snagged another one a couple of weeks ago when Academy Sports put them on sale.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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