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WHY???? PT22 misfeed?

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The PT22 feeds SOME types of ammo like a champ. Others it hates. When it misfeeds it tips the round up so that instead of the normal 15 degrees it normally takes to make the feed ramp, it goes up about 30-35 degrees and misses the feed ramp. WHY? Any theories? Why my PT22 and not some of the others? Why does my PT22 do it with Remington Golden Bullets and others have no issues? The gun is pretty clean and definitely broken in and I don't limp wrist... The feed ramp is clean and has been polished. Can the magazine lips be the culprit? The mag spring? I am not going to send the pistol back because it behaves nicely with Blazer and Mini-Mags and has begun to like the forbidden Vipers (sorry purists). Comeonfolks.... I know there are gun-smart folks out there with a theory... BY THE WAY... If your PT22 eats Golden Bullets I ALREADY KNOW SOME DO AND I DON'T WANT TO DISCOURAGE YOU FROM TELLING ME AGAIN FOR THE 39TH TIME BUT I REALLY DON'T CARE... I AM LOOKING FOR WAYS TO GET MY repeat MY PT22 TO EAT THEM. TIA :)
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MUST BE SOMEBODY ON THIS SITE WITH A THEORY! Don't make me cross post into political hehe
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