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Who here carries a full size 24/7 Pro for their concealed weapon?

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I'm just curious how many people carry a full-size 24/7 pro as their concealed weapon. Also, if you would put in some height/weight numbers that would be helpful!

I'm about 5'8" 150lbs. I think a full frame pistol like my 24/7 would be hard for me to conceal, but maybe some of you are already doing it with some success.
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I am 5'7" 175 lbs, I have the full size 24/7 .40 and I can only conceal when I am wearing a jacket
I am 5'10, 150 and carry a 24/7 Compact. It works a lot better with the shorter barrel and grip. It would be damn near impossible to conceal a normal size 24/7 for me.
I have a 24/7 pro and a pt 111 and a pt145 my carry gun.other then weight i dont find it any diff. to carry the 24/7 then the 145.
I carry my 24/7 PRO 45 behind the back with a loose shirt over jean shorts. Never had a problem.
I carry my 24/7 .40 concealed in a leather IWB holster. I'm 6'4" and 225 lbs.
I am 5'8" and 240 lbs and carry the full size pt 24/7 Pro 9mm as my ccw. I use a uncle mike's size 15 iwb holster .
Thanks for the response guys! I'm going to experiment with some different holsters and see if I can pull it off. NYPD - you are a big fella!
I was using one as my CCW, in the .40 S&W. I am 5'7", 170 lbs, I carried in a SOB holster, and was totally concealed.
My 24/7 Pro 45acp will fit in my Crossbreed holster made for my PT145. I intend to carry the 24/7 Pro from time to time.
Don't have a full size 24/7, but I do plan on carrying my PT92. Going IWB. It's all in what you wear.
I sometimes carry my 24/7 IWB. 6" 215
Yeah, I'm looking at SOB holsters now. I'll probably check out a few at the next gun show and see if there are any I like.
5'10", 210, 24/7 Pro 9mm in a Comp-Tac paddle or SmartCarry every day...
Here is my 24/7 Pro in my Crossbreed holster made for my PT145 - fits perfectly and should help in carrying it concealed....

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5'10" 155lbs and i carry 24/7 pro .45 with a crossbreed supertuck on my right hip with no problem concealing at all. As long as the shirt im wearing is pretty loose.
I'm 6'2" and 270lbs and dont carry anything. Stupid IL laws.
I've got a question. When you say "full size" are you referring to a non-compact version or the long-slide version??

When I think of full size 24/7's I think of the long slide versions, compacts don't even come to mind.

However, I've got a 24/7 Pro 9mm that I used to carry and never had a problem concealing it, whether in a shoulder holster or hip holster.

I carry a M&P .45 now(regular sized with 4.5 barrel) and it's about the same size as a 24/7 Pro(long slide). I have no problem concealing it either and I carry now predominantly on the hip. Only use the shoulder holster if I'm lazy(HAHA).

I do have somewhat of a advantage being 6'1" and 255lbs and wide shouldered, meaning I just buy oversized shirts and they tend to just hang off me. As to conceal a hip holster real easy. Like someone mentioned earlier, it's all in how you wear and what you wear.

When you enter the world of concealed carry, your whole wardrobe changes. Since I've been carrying I've basically just went up 1 size in my shirts and that remedied the problem. It also helps to wear darker colors, or colors that don't show a "print" i.e. black, blue, dark green, denim(shirts work well) or charcoal. I also found hawaiian shirts(in bigger sizes) really work as well.
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I'm 6'4" and 285+ lbs. I carry my 24/7 Pro daily in a CrossBreed SuperTuck. I wear a loose fitting button up short sleeve shirt or a polo style shirt. Almost always untucked. As far as I know, I've never been made. Though I do get a little extra self conscious when I am sitting (like at a restaurant) or squatting down (like getting something off that bottom shelf at the store.) The butt of the gun tends to jut out a bit in those situations.
I carry my 4" 24/7 pro .45 as my ccw piece with no problem. I use an Uncle Mikes inside the waste band holster and stick it either in the front (safety on of course dont need to blow my balls off) or on my side canted forward.

Im 5'11 and 300 pounds. I wear a shirt size bigger (button down or polo not tucked in) and no one can tell I have a pistol on my side.
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