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White Polymer M-85 - Anyone ever seen one of these?

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Was perusing the goodies on Go-Broke, I mean "Gun Broker" and ran across this White Polymer Taurus M-85 with Lime Green grips. Biding started at $350.

No offense intended; it might be popular in San Francisco or Miami's South Beach.

But pleassssseeee...

What say ye?

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It's gawdy enough for a golf course or a tennis court. Fortunately, I play neither.
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Stopped by an LGD to pre-pay for my CHL renewal classes, and noticed some white 2" S&W snubbies (not poly) in the case. Looked them over while I was waiting, and asked one of the guys where they came from. He said the owner had a few of them done, and he beleives it was a company called CeraKote. Actually, they didn't look bad. Wonder how long the stuff will last after shooting?
Reminds me of Frankenstein.
I'll take a pass on that one!
Thinking it will be a hit with the zombie crowd. They like anything lime green but I don't understand the white frame.

On second thought, maybe both the white & lime green are dayglow so you can find it in the dark!?! Just the thing when those zombies sneak up on an unsuspecting mall ninga.
That kinda icks me out. Pass.
Well, they say there is no accounting for taste....I kind of like it. Not $350 worth however.
Well, it is different! No, I have never seen one like it before.

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Well when I have on my green plaid slacks and white shoes it would coordinate well in a white holster on a white belt.
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I would not--- no way, I dont want any designer colored weapons.
But I wonder how easy it would be to locate in low light? Maybe it glows in the dark?
I saw one with pink grips.
I saw one with pink grips.
Did it look anything like this....:icon_ lala:
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Those pink grips might get a gal interested in shooting but it looks a little bit like a toy. I say yes but only in responsible hands ofcourse.

I was at the local gun show a couple weeks back and they had a poly public defender in the white and lime green, i puked in my mouth a little when i saw it. I thought it was a one off...apparrently and unfortunately i was wrong.
Not in my house!!
An Albino Snubby?????
that thing is hideous. now a lime green frame with white grips...can't even say it with a straight face.
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