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i got yelled at for all caps to, so don't feel bad. but the first answer i have for you is whatever you are comfortable with and trust. when i first started carrying, it was w/ a 1911, but i didn't trust the gun to not jamb and it wasn't super comfortable to shoot, my enjoyment in carrying came when i bought a 24/7. i tried my best to get the gun to fail me by using old rounds, reloaded rounds, cheap rounds, everything i could do to find fault with the gun. i am still waiting for my first jamb. my confidence and accuracy w/ the gun also increased through the process to the point now that if the poor soul is within 25 yds. and i decide i need him dead, he is dead, i am sure of it. that is the key to choosing the right ccw gun, because that is the reason we carry. law enforcement has other resonsibilities to consider, but for ccw it is strictly self defense, and in that area, 100% success is the only consideration.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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