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We can give general advice, but it all depends on whether the gun fits you and can you use it well. How tall are you? Hand size,grip width, feel of the grip, shoot with high thumbs or thumbs down, caliber you can shoot well,type of sights, are just all part of the things to consider. Does the gun come apart easy for maintenance for you? Do your eyes see the sights well enough and do the type on the gun work for you. Would a revolver be better for your use than a pistol? Easier to learn and remember the manual of arms. Are you recoil sensitive or maybe it doesn't matter. What is your experience with any firearm? With handguns? The medium sized pistols and revolvers are easier to shoot and hit with. Smaller ones take more dicipline and practice. Would a single stack be more appropriate than a double stack due to girth of grip and being easier to hide for CCW carry. There are techniques for hiding and carrying full, medium, and smaller sized semi autos. The Millenium series are excellent for CCW carry. Take a hard look at the 911,940 series of pistols. Slightly longer barrel lengths than the shorter PT Millenium series. Metal framed too. Slightly higher velocity and sighting plain might mean better hit potential for you. Slightly less percieved recoil also. It may make no difference to you, but have to consider many prospects here. I have a PT111 Millenium pro 2nd generation pistol for the CCW carry niche. Have a PT22 for a backup sometimes just in case. Also have Ruger 95s and a 97 for the larger pistol niche incase I need it. I shoot them better than the PT111, but that is because of the size difference. Got the Rugers, because the 24/7 and 911 series were hard to find and or get in this part of the country. 24/7 wasn't out yet then.Things are different know. Personal decision there and just as an example. Rent or handle and shoot as many examples as possible. Then decide. Take your time and do actual research off the internet. Biases slip in too easily. Shooters at a range or gunshop can help in the process. Ask the about pros and cons of why they chose what they did. Disregard the advice that says to stay away from any brand or type of gun. There are a few bad apples out there as far as gun models go, but the companies that build them will suffer from this and go out of business anyway. Hard to find a bad one these days. Verify and clarify any advice given. Nice to be educated and know if the info is for real.In revolvers there are three inch, 5shot models. This gives you the snubbie size with a platform that allows for better sighting and gun handling ability in one package. 6 and 7 shot revolvers can be loaded with Bianchi Speed Strips one round at a time into the cylinder chamber. Then there are speedloaders or 2x2x2 pouches for carrying extra ammo. Choice is yours. We can give advice only. My guns and preferences may not be right for you. Same for others as well.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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