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First, welcome to the form.

I fear your quest to purchase a slide or grip/frame isn't going to bear fruit considering the slide and grip also have serial numbers to match barrel in each MilPro. However, Taurus may surprise me and sell these components, I doubt it, but they would be your only source OTHER than some one that may have a failed PT140 that may have a salvageable component you desire and willing to sell at a low price. I have two PT140MP and recently bought a third working used one at a good price with the thought to use as a spare parts gun IF need be, since Taurus has began restricting many internal parts and requiring one to return the pistol at great expense just to replace a simple part.

I can't help you on the sights - I stay with stock sights - my ROI is much better and nothing is going to improve my shooting unless I use a vise. LOL
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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