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I would like some of you to post what your state requires if they offer non resident permits also. In WA you dont need to already have one from your home state.

So if you take a vacation and have the opportunity to stop in the local Sheriff or police depts. I suggest you spend the 30 or 40 bucks for that states permit. If they give permits to out of state residents. Washington does. SO if anyone is coming to the evergreen state, even for the day, I suggest you stop by a police dept.

Concealed Pistol Licenses for Out-of-State Residents
The $52.50 fee in cash, check, or money order, payable to the law enforcement agency where you’re applying. This fee is non-refundable.
If you’re in the military, your military ID and orders listing your station location.

Washington has reciprocity for concealed pistol licenses issued by certain other states, so long as the handgun is carried in accordance with Washington law. The Washington State Attorney General's web site provides a list of those states that have reciprocity with Washington for concealed pistol licenses. Permits are valid for 5 years.

The Sheriff’s Office or local police dept.will issue concealed pistol licenses to out-of-state residents. You must appear in person at the Courthouse for county sheriff or local police dept if city in the county or city you are visiting.. The requirements and fees are the same as listed above under “Applying for a New License”. The waiting period may take up to 60 days for non-residents. We will do our best to make the wait as short as we can, we will mail your concealed pistol license once approved. Washington is a shall issue state.


You must meet all of the following requirements to get a concealed pistol license (RCW 9.41.070):

Be 21 years of age or older at time of application.
Be a United States citizen or a permanent resident alien with permanent resident card (green card).
Have no pending trial, appeal, or sentencing on a charge that would prohibit you from having a license.
Have no outstanding warrants for any charge, from any court.
Have no court order or injunction against possessing a firearm.
Have never been adjudicated mentally defective or incompetent to manage your own affairs.
Have never been committed to a mental institution.
Have no felony convictions, or adjudications for a felony offense, in this state or elsewhere. “Felony” means any felony offense under the laws of Washington, or any federal or out-of-state offense comparable to a felony offense under the laws of Washington.
Within the past year, haven’t been an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana, depressants, stimulants, narcotics, or any other controlled substance.
Haven’t been convicted of 3 or more violations of Washington’s firearms laws within any 5-year period.
Haven’t been dishonorably discharged from the armed forces.
Aren’t currently subject to a court order restraining you from harassing, stalking, or threatening your child, an intimate partner, or the child of an intimate partner.
Have never renounced your United States citizenship.
Have no convictions for any of the following crimes committed by one family member against another:
Assault IV
Reckless Endangerment
Criminal Trespass in the first degree
Violation of the provisions of a protection order or no-contact order restraining the person or excluding the person from the residence



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Nice. Just to continue with this non res available/not info. WI doesn't offer a non-res license at all. However, if they accept your home/other licenses, they grant you the rights afforded to a resident. That includes GFSZ exemption, if you need it I'll try to dig up the pertinent cite that declares an accepted out of state permit/license is as if WI had issued it to them.

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Thanks for the info j3hill, and also thanks for flying one of our old Texas flags at the bottom for one of your avatars! We Texans are proud of it!
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