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What's your .45ACP load? +P anyone?

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Got my first .45ACP and just starting to relaod for the caliber (always been a 9mm guy ;)) Anyways I got a 1000 200gr RN coper plated bullets and will be using Power Pistol and VV N350 powders (I've got a few lbs of each)... I will also try some +P loads (200gr @1000fps)8)

Just wondering if anyone here used either powder for .45acp esp with 200gr bullets?

If not what is your favourite .45ACP load?
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For range ammo I reload 200gr. bullets with 5.6gr. of W231.

Don't have any interest in +p.
I steer clear of +P in .45 and especially if you're shooting any 1911. 1911s are simply not designed for excessive loads. Even with a 22 lb spring and recoil buffers in the gun, you will get frame and slide damage if you fire a lot of 'em in it. Sigs and Rugers and such might be tougher, but I still leave the heavy loads to my revolvers. 9mm +p ain't as hard on guns in my experience, especially full sized guns. This is one reason I never got too excited about 10mm and especially in guns based on the 1911 like the Delta. They had a rep for excessive wear.

In .45 ACP I did work up a load on in a 1911 for chasing hogs at night with dogs. It's a tough sport, knew a guy with dogs and I'd go with him. I had .357s, but thought the 1911 would do the trick. In hind sight, I was full of it, LOL! .357 has better penetration with heavy bullets. Anyway, I later got a .45 Colt Blackhawk, so this load data never gets used. Proper tool for the job, I say.

Anyway, I cast a 200 grain SWC and a 220 grain cast hollowpoint. I prefer the SWC load, have to cast the bullets hard enough I don't know if that hollow point would even flatten out. The SWC wouldn't have to. Anyway, I loaded the 220 grain cast HP with 7.5 grains of Unique for 1050 fps. I loaded the 200 grain cast SWC with 12.0 grains of Blue Dot for 1080 fps. This is about as hot as I felt safe to shoot even with a 22 lb spring in the gun. When I fired 'em, the plastic recoil buffers were smashed flat in less than 25 rounds. LOL! They would normally last 500 rounds of normal ammo. This is why I don't like +P in .45ACP Do what you want with yours, but I think a 200 grain Speer gold dot at 950 fps will do anything that needs doing with a .45ACP. I get that with that same 7.5 grains Unique, lighter bullet, and didn't see near the recoil buffer bashing with the load. The 200 grain bullet accelerates faster and my thinking was it's out of the barrel and pressures further down before the action unlocks. But, it shoots sweet. If you need more'n 400 ft lbs in the .45ACP, you need to buy yourself a .41 or .44 magnum revolver or perhaps a .45 Colt Ruger or if you have a good .357 sitting around.........

My range load involves that 200 grain Lee TL SWC over 5.0 grains of Bullseye. I get 900 fps,/360 ft lbs, and enough momentum to sling bowling pins or smash the pepper poppers flat. It's accurate, too, and to me, that's important.
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The 200 grain Bullet weight is my favorite in this Caliber! My Current IPSC Match load is 5.2 grains of Alliant Red Dot under a Berry's Plated Flat Point, which delivers about 840 fps from my PT945, 850 fps from my .45 Witnesses, and 865 fps from my Colt 1911.

I have conjured up +P loadings using Red Dot, Unique, and HS6. But these have been mostly for use with a Surplus Remington 185 grn JHP and my Mark 45 Carbine. I typically won't use them in handguns except for maybe my .45 Witnesses. Sorry, won't post the Load Data.
iam with JWC i use red dot and berry bullets myself , i also use 700x when i find a deal ,
Some other 185 grn JHP Loadings:
5.8 grns of Red Dot - 980 fps
7.7 grns of Unique - 960 fps

Have also loaded the Remington Surplus 185 grn JSWC with 5.7 grns of Red Dot for a nominal 950 fps.

I also have used the Lyman #452460 200 grn cast SWC with 5 grains of Red Dot for a casual 800 fps. The PT945 won't feed SWC's, but all my other .45's do.
Favorite load is 230 grain RN FMJ with 5.0 grains of Bullseye
No +P for me, I stick with factory for carry & std velosities for practice. The really neat thing about cartridges that start with a 4 is that they start out as big as most of the others will ever get. Frank
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