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Your Question is a pretty easy answer...
Town houses usually have a Cement Block Wall as a Fire Break between attached Homes...
I know some People with a TownHouse. They have a "Judge" Up & Down Stairs...
As stated in the Test #4 shot is a Nasty Load, and will not over penetrate... And 000 Buckshot is a Bad A$$ indoor round also... Each of the 3 Balls has the power of a 9mm, so even if one did penetrate a wall, most of it energy would be spent...
NOTE: 3 out of Ten Medium Framed JUDGE's sold now are being sold to women for Home Defense... Its a Point and Kill the Bad Guy GUN...
Remember, shooting anybody in the Back OR over 25 feet, Makes YOU The Bad Guy In COURT...!!!...<:-((

~Taurus Judge perfect for self-defense~
~"THE JUDGE" video~

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