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What would you do? Pt 145 may head back to Miami

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Not even two hundred rounds through it and I have had at least 5 FTF's, 2 failure to eject (slide didn't even move after rounds fired), and the safety doesn't work!

I know some of you may be thinking "was it cleaned?" Yes, I cleaned and lubed it prior to all range visits. The gun is amazingly accurate and fits my need as a CCW piece very well, but I'm worried about its reliability. The safety, at times, would not fully engage and as a result a round could be fired in the safe position. Any ideas?

What is Taurus' turn around time for repairs?
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beagler said:
Yep, same gun.
Interesting that the gun was returned to dealer within a month for a refund, and you are now trying to decide about sending it back to the factory for a borken safety? Whew... now you've got ME scratching my head with a puzzled look on my face?
Alternate universes must be colliding for that to happen. Kind of like not being able to be in two places at the same time. Oh Hillary! Bill's loose again and telling stories. :) :D And I invented the internet too. ;D :D ??? :eek:
I'm still over here scratching my head. Oh I have a question... what drugs are you on and can I have some? ;D
Qwiks draw said:
I invented the internet ;D :D ??? :eek:
Oh yea .... I invented Napster! My roomie stole it while I feel asleep at the keyboard and claimed my fame.
What don't you understand? Read my posts. The gun was never sent to Taurus. I had plans to send it back, but I decided to change formats after having a sour taste in my mouth from Taurus.

I came to this forum looking for insight and help. Instead I am bashed for making a decision to not return my firearm to Taurus, but return it to my dealer for a different weapon. My dealer was very accomodating and sympathetic, especially when he said I was the second person to come to him that day with a Taurus repair. Again, good luck with your weapons.

I hope the modertors of this forum will do a better job in the future to make this forum more inviting for guests by not allowing sarcasm from its members. This should be a place to learn and help one another, not condemn. Gun owners should stick together. We receive enough negative comments from the media and other ignorant people. I'm not a softie, but I do respect other peoples' decisions and feelings. I also try to help others by being open-minded.
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I think the confusion is coming from a conflicting report.

One, you kept the gun for a month and returned it to the dealer.

2nd, you need advice on what you should do with it now that it isn't working correctly after having it for so long and are considering sending it back to Taurus.

Which is it? Do you have the gun or not? Please clear this up for us, I think we are all a little confused on the matter.
Enough post whoring fellas ... :judge: (I know .. I'm guilty too)

Let's try and get to the bottom of this and figure out if and how we can help the fella out.
Beagler, it might help if you could give us the entire story, in one post, so we are all on the same page. This way there shouldn't be any communication issues.

And the other moderators are trying to help you, there is confusion as you appear to be contradicting yourself.

By the way, did you tell the gunshop that the safety was not reliable or did you pass a malfunctioning gun on to some unsuspecting (possibly inexperienced) person?

I had intentions of sending the gun to Taurus and allowing them to fix it, and this was the basis for my original post. As I needed guidance as to what I should do. After discussing the issue with my dealer, he suggested I return the gun to him and he would send it to Taurus as a defective firearm. Due to the multiple issues I had with the gun I decided to wash my hands of it and try something new. This was the basis for my reply regarding me returning the firearm.

BTW, I would never sell or pawn off a defective firearm to someone. That is why I returned it to the dealer. He inspected it, and was amazed that the safety would not work. I witnessed him prepare the package slip to Taurus, so who ever ends up with the firearms will have, hopefully, a safe weapon.

I'm not sure how my posts were misunderstood.

Any way, this thread has gone on way too long.
Thanks for clearing that up for us. I think what had most of us confused is one place you said you gave it back to the dealer, and washed your hands of Taurus products without giving them a chance to fix it. Now .. in this thread, you are sending it back to Taurus. I got the impression you had washed your hands of them some time ago and have not had any dealings with it in a while.

Sorry for the confussion and misunderstanding.

Thanks agian for clearing that up.
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