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I'm a newbie here on the forum and I'm glad i joined! I recently purchased an older taurus revolver in .357... I have been trying to find out what model it is for the passed few days. I have not picked up the gun yet and would like to purchase a set of new grips for it. I would appreciate any help trying to identify the model. The spec are listed below and thanks to everyone in advance!

It looks like a Smith & Wesson 66-3

Stainless Steel frame
2.5" barrel
6 shot cylinder
round but grip
raised rear adjustable sight
orange blade from sight
the tip of the barrel is undercut toward the cylinder plunger recess

Also trying to find a place that would sell replacement grips!

Thanks again to everyone!

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Much thanks!

Thanks fellas for the fine welcome! I used the Taurus website and I in deed do have a 66 2.5"... The serial number search is an awesome tool and wish many other manufacturers had it! Thanks for the great tip DJ!

If anyone is looking for the early single pin 66 grips, Taurus does sell 2 versions:

Round but factory grips - Part# 4-332 - $39.00 (price with shipping included)

Square grips which cover the round frame - Part# 4-307 - $21.00 (price with shipping included)

Both sets of grips are checkered wood with medallions. Sorry to say however, they do not have said grips online to view prior to purchasing.

I'm still interested in aftermarkets grips as well, as I want to make this revolver "mine". So if anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd sure appreciate it!

Sounds like Taurus' model 66. The Taurus 66 was made in 6-round versions early in its lifetime and later in 7-round versions.

But to be sure go to Taurus' website and click on the "Find my model" link at bottom of any page. Enter your serial number and you will get model info unless it was made prior to 1985 (I think that's the year?!?).

Hope this helps, and welcome to the friendliest firearm site on the internet!

Update: If its a model 66 you will have no problem finding grips at your LGS, eBay, Gunbroker.com, etc.
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