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What is this thing on the slide?

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I had been told this is where the "key" went for the Taurus safety system. But it doesn't really fit or do anything there. It *does* work on the hole on the back of the handle though. So what is this and what is its purpose? Looking at the parts list, it appears it may be an "extractor pin" down in that hole, but I don't know what that is or how it works or why there needs to be a hole with a groove leading to it.
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OK. What are the mechanics behind this pin? What does it do? Is there any special cleaning or maintenance that needs to be done on/around it?
It does two things. First it holds the extractor and its associated parts in place. Second it acts as an 'axle' - it's the pivot point for the extractor. There's a spring under the back side of the extractor, and it grabs the case heads with the claw in the front. Unless you break an extractor or it wears badly, there's really no reason to remove it - which I'm sure is why it's crimped in. When you clean just make sure there's no gunk under the claw, and give it a good scrubbing and it should continue to do what it's been doing.
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And just to add - sometimes it helps to take a look at the parts diagram near the end of the manual. You can see pretty clearly what's in there that way. Taurus Metallic Pistols Manual
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