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  • The Millennium series was announced in 1998. The first in the Millennium series were the 9mm PT111 and .380 ACP PT138. The .40 S&W Millennium was added to the line in 1999. The most recent Millennium pistols are the PT132 and landmark PT145, which joined the family in 2001.
  • The Millennium series is notable for its extremely compact size that almost literally fits in the palm of one's hand coupled with serious self-defense calibers, ranging up to .45 ACP. All Millennium Series pistols have an ingeniously designed polymer grip that is unlike any other. Instead of molding the steel rails into a polymer frame like others, Taurus incorporated a unitary steel "frame" that fits into, and is held in, the polymer grip by two hefty pins. This small "frame" is the serially numbered component of the pistol. Thus, the slide, barrel, or the entire grip can be replaced if necessary without going through a FFL dealer.
  • The pistols incorporate a transfer bar and sear that retracts the striker and then drops the sear down out of the way at the end of its travel to release the striker. Each also is equipped with a loaded chamber indicator and the integral Taurus security system.
  • All guns including the .45 ACP hold 10 rounds, expect the newer 9mm/.380ACP Millennium Pro which have a 12 round magazine.

Taurus USA History
American Handgunner, May, 2002 by Charles Cutshaw

This FAQ was the product of the group effort of all the moderators of Taurus Armed.
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