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What is the difference btwn Hydrashock and Hollow-point

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I've been reading some of the posts about hydrashock ammo. I don't know what it is? But I'd like to. How do they compare to hollow-point and other bullets for that matter, in shape, effect, any other variables you may think of.
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Hydrashocks were developed by federal a while back for law enforcement to provide maximum expansion and minimum penetration, they were a significant step up from the starfire round and the infamous black talons since law enforcement was looking for something to minimize collateral damage (fancy word for hitting innocent bystanders). The difference is instead of a hollow cavity you would see in a hollow point, there is a post in the middle of the hole. It's purpose is to slow the bullet down once it hits soft tissue. A very effective round for an urban environment, it now seems to be outsold by corbon and others that came out later for the newer, "better" load. It will still get the job done in most calibers, if it cycles in your gun it would be a very effective self defense round. I've come full circle chasing the next best thing when it comes to bullets, and I have gravitated from a glock with hollowpoints to a wheel gun with just plain old lead, In my experience the results are the same as long as you can be sure of your backstop. In the part of the world where I live in I have to consider two legged predators and four legged ones so penetration and reliability are paramount in my consideration for carry. If you on the other hand have to worry about the collateral then the decision would be obvious and go with a good reliable bullet that expands when it hits flesh. While hydrashocks aren't +p++-X= (whatever), the good part about that is they can be used in a lot of autos not +p rated.
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