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merddyn2002 said:
so it has absolutely nothing to do with the "action" of the gun?

how confusing.
It's a competition. I think rules allow any firearm or clone produced before 1898, so some old DA guns like a Colt Lightening would be legal, but mostly they use single actions. 1897 Winchesters and clones are popular for the shotgun, a pump, but any double barrel is legal regardless of when it was designed, so they allow hammerless doubles. The Rossi M92 lever carbine is popular for rifles along with other lever guns. And, they allow such as the Ruger Vaquero even though it's a modern design, it's still a single action of traditional pattern.

They shoot shotgun, revolver, and rifle in the matches, might be from a fake horse, across a card table, all sorts of old west scenarios. I never got into it, didn't seem all that practical. I prefer more modern action games, IDPA, that sort of thing. My favorite competitions are those involving one on one between shooters on pepper poppers. I've had a blast doing pepper poppers. Was into pins for a while, but I just can't get into calling myself "Black Bart", dressing in a western costume, and walkin' around like Billy the Kid. ROFL! I guess it just ain't me. I prefer more practical shooting competitions with modern guns. I'm sure it's a lot of fun, though. I've yet to shoot ANYthing that wasn't fun, even IHMSA ....yawn.... had its fun factor. Buddy got me into that, like plinking long range. Drive 150 miles to fire 40 rounds and sit around and BS. Nah....LOL.

The "action" in "cowboy action shooting" refers to the fact that it's done for speed against the clock. There are other action games like IDPA, IPSC, etc. Cowboy action is done with cowboy era guns and cowboy scenarios.
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