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What gun bag do you use when going to the range?

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I do use a trusty 5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag that accommodates my guns, headphones, glasses, paper work and some more. It's a great bag, with lots of additional pouches (5 at the outside) plus you can use different compartments in the main bag. Ammo by the way we have to transport in a separate bag or box to the range and it has to be separated from the gun bag. well...


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GPS Handgunner Backpack. Modified to my liking.

The "Handgunner" Backpack - G ? Outdoors
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I bought a pair of boots, and was given a rodeo gear bag with the purchase. That's what I use.
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I use this. I cant remember the brand but its heavy duty with lots of storage and options.
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I started out with a small backpack but now use that free NRA duffel I got some years ago. It holds ammo, 2 ear muffs, cleaning towels, glasses, guns, paper, med kit etc. If going to a class, I have to bring ammo can as that's too much to carry.
A HUGE cheap duffel bag that I bought from one of the online outdoors places about 20 years ago. I've had 3 hard cases, ammo, cleaning kit, hearing protection and belts and holsters in it and they still rattled around like peas in a dried out pod. If you fill it full, you can't lift it.

For BP, I use a day pack that's even older. It's got pockets all over the place, so I can store all the picks, cappers, wrenches,etc ... I need AND keep the caps separate from the powder and still have someplace to store the C&B wheelguns. A Whitneyville Dragoon alone takes up a bit of room even without taking in consideration that you still need room for the Dance Bros .44 or the '60 Army.
I use one or more of the cheap blue Walmart bags.
The last time I went shooting I used 2.
One to hold the targets (small bottles of water) and the religious empties afterward,
The other to hold the gun (Charter Arms Pathfinder 3' in SS) and a box of Colibri ammo.
A foam lined ammo can, maybe two if I have a ton of mags to carry. Protective equipment is at the range. 10 15 round mags or so is usually my limit. I shoot fairly briefly but fairly often.
I use a plastic tool box (heavy duty) to carry the gun/s with a towel between them, for the other stuff, a large Craftsman tool bag. I have another bag to bring brass home in... I pick up a lot of range brass.

I usually keep a plastic pail and colander in my truck, in case I feel like picking up range lead (I use gloves). The colander is great for sifting out dirt and small stones.

Also... I carry a container of hand or baby wipes to wash my hands and face after shooting. (Makes me feel pretty.) :)
Bought two of these for $30 each, one in chocolate chip (early desert cam) and one in tiger stripe (Vietnam cam) when they were on closeout. These are big bags.

Got this smaller one for $25, https://www.midwayusa.com/product/880279/midwayusa-pistol-range-bag

Just watch the sales on Midway's brand range bags and you will find what you want at the price you want.
I bought this from LAPG.......
When I go to the range I want to be stealthy-y so I used a turquoise backpack covered in flowers. No one has any idea that there are hundreds of rounds of ammo and several handguns in there............plus, no guy in their right mind would steal such a backpack!

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Don't have a pic, but the bag I've had for about 6 or 7 years (and it's pretty well worn) is a Midway USA Pistol bag. It cost around $30. When I go to the range, it's not important for me to have everything in one bag since I normally use the FOP range. My bag contains a few tools, stapler, ears, eye, loader, extra mags, and stuff like that. I bring ammo in an ammo can, and my guns in one or two lockable cases.

If I'm at a public range, I do pretty much the same. The major difference is that at a public range, the set up and tear down of the range in minimal.
Cabelas Standard Range Bag. They were on sale for $30 IIRC. I have a few other bags that are Harbor Freight cheapie canvas for misc shooting supplies.

Almost forgot about this one, it is the one that gets the most use. Just the right size for pistols. Got it at Midway a few years ago on sale for $20.

Just saw this one on Clearance for $15. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/939143934/midwayusa-range-and-field-bag
Meh, don't need no stinkin' bag. I just step outside and shoot. If I need something, it's in the house or my loading room. :D
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Sears Craftsman red and black tool bag.
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I use a $20 Gunmate range bag. I think most would find it a bit small, especially if you take more than two guns, but it will hold two large revolvers in the side zippered pockets. It comes with removable padded liners for the two gun pockets. I've had it for ten years and it still looks good.

Inside there's plenty of room for everything else. There's removable dividers inside but I use them. One section holds my hearing protection, a rag or two, and zip lock bags for brass. The center compartment holds more ammo than I can shoot in a day. The third section holds a bunch of miscellaneous stuff like a screwdriver set, UpLuLa, a small monocular, shooting glasses and a zippered pouch for a bunch of small items. I can fit a third gun inside if it's flat (an auto) and not too bid. But I rarely take more than two guns at a time.

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Depends on where I am going and what I plan on shooting. I do very much like my GPS Gunner backpack.

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I scored a brand new large duffel bag at the Salvation Army store for $6. It's got some really heavy duty zippers and thick nylon/canvas material for the shell. It has enough pockets for my cleaning supplies, ears, eyes, small tools, stapler and markers. Then in the main body of it I keep the targets, handguns, and I've stuffed an ammo can or 2 in there more than once. Gets pretty heavy with the ammo in there, though. I'll usually just carry the cans separate.
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