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NYPD in AZ said:
All .357 maggies will accept any .38 Special load as well.
Be warned, though, that if you shoot .38s in it, you will need to clean the chambers well, as it will build up residue inside them at the end of the .38 hull, which can cause trouble getting .357s chambered properly. I've had this happen from as little as 50rds when shooting lead bullets over Unique. Brush well with Hoppes or Blue Wonder to get most of it out, and Flitz on a patch wrapped brush works well for getting the last bit.

The solution is to load .357 hulls to .38 pressures for practice. I like to make sure I put 10-20 full magnums through the gun at the end of a practice session both to keep myself familiar with the recoil, and to make sure that my carry gun isn't going to have that problem if I need it on the way home.

Once you're used to the 605 with full magnums, it's quite comfortable to shoot with .38+P, though I've quit bothering with them for a carry load since the 125gr .357Mag Gold Dot loads are plenty controllable with practice.
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