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I am getting a Taurus PT101 AFS..... just wondering what it means... JUST GUESSING that the "A" means adjustable sight and the "S" means stainless... but I REALLY dont know...


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YOU ARE RIGHT... I Meant AFS... just cant type today...



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I'm going to take a wild guess and say Ambidextrous Fire Selection because from what I can determine, it has an ambidextrous three-position safety.

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Don't know where my answer went to so I'll try it again. Boy I have a lot of trouble
with this site.

I believe you're right about the S meaning stainless.
I think the F has to do with either Taurus or Beretta changing the safety lever to the Frame. I don't think the A means adjustable, because I think my PT92 was an AF and didn't have adj. sight. Also, I had a PT101 and loved it. I went back to a PT99 though for the cheaper 9mm ammo, as I wanted it more as a range gun.

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NYPD in AZ said:
AFS= Ambidextrous Firing Pin Safety

Close Vegas Guy.
Like a grenade. :D

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According to thefreedictionary.com it means.

AFS Active Federal Service
AFS Active File Set
AFS Active Fleet (Surface) Ship
AFS Active Front Steering (automotive)
AFS Adaptive Front-Lighting System (car safety feature)
AFS Adult and Family Services Division (Oregon DHS)
AFS Advanced Filter Solutions, Inc.
AFS Advanced Flight Simulator
AFS Aerial Film Speed
AFS aeronautical fixed service (US DoD)
AFS Agence Française du Sang
AFS Agency Field Specialist
AFS Agency Filing Scheme
AFS Aggressive French Speakers (pro-gaming clan)
AFS Air Fire Support
AFS Air Flow Sensor
AFS Air Force Specialty
AFS Air Force Standard
AFS Air Force Station
AFS Air Force Supplement
AFS Air Force System
AFS AIRS (Atmospheric Information Retrieval System) Facility Subsystem
AFS Akademska Folklorna Skupina
AFS Alcohol Focus Scotland
AFS Alternative Filing System
AFS Alternative Format Syntax
AFS American Fern Society
AFS American Fertility Society (now American Society for Reproductive Medicine)
AFS American Field Service
AFS American Filtration & Separations Society
AFS American Fisheries Society
AFS American Flagship Service
AFS American Folklore Society
AFS American Food Service
AFS American Foundry Society
AFS American Foundrymen's Society
AFS American Fuchsia Society
AFS American Funds Service Company
AFS Andrew File System
AFS Angel Flight Samaritans
AFS Apple Financial Services
AFS AppleShare File System
AFS Application For Service
AFS Arab Federation of Shipping
AFS Armed Forces Sports (US DoD)
AFS Army Fire Support
AFS Asian Fisheries Society
AFS ASIC Functional Specification
AFS Assembly Floor Sheet
AFS Assisted Filing Service
AFS Association of Football Statisticians (soccer)
AFS Association of Former Students (Texas A&M University)
AFS Atlanta's Finest Staffing (employment/recruiter agency)
AFS Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy
AFS Atomic Frequency Standard
AFS Audio Frequency Shift
AFS Auditable Financial Statement
AFS Australian Fisheries Service
AFS Australian Flag Society
AFS Authentication File System (IBM)
AFS Auto Flight System
AFS Autofocus Subassembly
AFS Autogenic Feedback System
AFS Automated Financial System
AFS Automatic Flight System
AFS Automatic Frequency Standard
AFS Automatic Fuel Dispensing
AFS Automotive Financial Services Pty Ltd (Australia)
AFS Auxiliary Feedwater System
AFS Auxiliary Fire Service
AFS Available For Sale (securities)
AFS Away From Screen
AFS Away from Station
AFS Combat Store Ship

But none of them make sense, so I doubt it's any of these. ;)

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timothydgordon said:
I'm sure AFS does not refer to the safety. My Taurus PT92 AF has an ambi safety but no "S". I'm quite sure the S must stand for stainless.
My PT92AFS is stainless, so that is what I was thinking, :???: but then again Aluminum Frame Stainless kinda makes since.

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Meanwhile, Forjas Taurus noted Beretta’s success with the Models 92SB and 92F in U.S. official services. The Connecticut State Police purchased 1000 Model 92SB pistols from Beretta in 1983, and in January 1985, the U.S. Army ordered over 315,000 Model 92F (M9) pistols. Forjas Taurus, noting these pistols’ improved ambidexterity over earlier models, modified its PT 92/99 line in 1985 by relocating the magazine release to a point just behind the triggerguard and by adding an ambidextrous edition of the manual safety lever to the right side of the frame. The feed ramp was widened to feed hollowpoint bullets more reliably, and an automatic firing-pin lock was added, which as on the Beretta Model 92SB, remained active until the trigger reached the rearmost limit of its travel. With these changes Forjas Taurus added the “AF” designation to the pistols.

Another Forjas Taurus innovation dating from 1991 was the PT 92AF-S, which featured a stainless steel barrel and slide, atop an aluminum-alloy frame anodized a matching silver color. This predated Beretta’s own similar “Model 92 Inox” variant by almost a year. Later in 1991 Forjas Taurus announced the PT 92AF-D, which featured a doubleaction- only trigger mechanism, in hopes of attracting police business. Not offered to civilians, this went out of production in a general cleanup and rationalization of the Taurus product line in the 1996-1997 period.

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A=amidextrous safety/decocker
F=Firing pin Block
S=Stainless slide and barrel on an anodized aluminum alloy frame

sorry guys - this has been bugging the crap out of me for a couple of weeks. I've only owned 6 of the things, so not knowing what I owned was driving me insaaaannnnnne.
There - I feel better now.

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well it does'nt directly spell it out but it does say it was designated AF after the ambidextrous safety and firing pin block was added.

and the black model is AF and the stainless AFS so this is logical.

except i dont think it mandates a decocker since it was added after it was designated AF.
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