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What do you think is it true?

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Quoted from an Article by Chuck Hawks:

"380 ACP (9mm Short, 9x17mm, 9mm Kurz)

Now we're getting into some decent stopping power. The three or four best .380 JHP rounds have better stopping power than ANY bullet fired out of 2" barrel .38 Special snub-nose. All of the Big Five make good hollowpoints for this caliber. The Remington 88 grain JHP is the most reliably-feeding hollowpoint but slightly less effective than the Hydra-shok or Cor-Bon. Reliability is crucial, and thus you must test the rounds before carrying."

Is He refering to standard pressure 38spl only, or is the .380 better than any .38 2 inch snub?

Another quote:

"A Special Note on Snub-Nose .38 Revolvers With 2" or 3" Barrels: The Cor-Bon .38 Special +P 125 grain JHP and 158 grain LSWCHP FBI load are not the best choice for 2" or 3" barrel revolvers. The short barrel does not provide enough velocity to ensure reliable expansion with these load, and the unpleasant and hard-to-control recoil hurts snub-nose accuracy (as well as your hand). Controllability is crucial, and I recommend non +P standard pressure loads, for the .38 snub-nose."

I see a lot of you like LSWCHP for defence out of a 2 inch and recommend it, what is your opinion?

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Ordinarily, I say .380 is inferior to .38 special. I have read about a couple of companies that now manufacture .380 +p ammunition. Buffalo Bore, I believe being one of them. The comment in the article I saw said that the .380 +p rivals the .38 special. To me, that means .380 +p might get close, but no cigar. :angel:
He's been on the web for a while, so maybe that post is a little old. Is there a date on that article?

I carry Speer's 135gr. +P Short Barrel load in my 85. I don't think there is a .380 load that can best it. Certainly not out of a similarly concealable gun.

EDIT: I just found that site, and it does look old. The editor's note at the top says he last revised it in Feb. 2006. He may have missed the .380 and .38 Spl.
I'd still take a good .38Spec. Frank
I prefer a .380 to a .38spl snub nose and do think that the article is true because even with a small .380 you generaly still get ~3.5" barrel vs just 2"! You also get 1 or 2 rounds extra capacity. But to be honest I think that a hot .38 +p like buffalo bore would be more effective...
Greetings to all,

For an intelligent essay on the merits of the .380, .38sp and the 9mmMak check out this link:


I have all three calibers and I cast my lot with a Model 85ULSS2 and the 'FBI' load of a 158gr LSWCHP +P.

I don't put much value in what Chuck Hawks has to say. I read most of his stuff before he started charging people to read the bulk of it.

Later . . .
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I'd take a 38 special over a 380 any day - a snub loaded with 135 gr Gold Dot +P would SMOKE any 380 round. not JMO, but a fact.
Well give a looksee to the following two links


I know it's just water jugs, but 38s pretty much beat .380s hands down. Not that I would want to be shot by either.
I'll stick with the old Corbon 125g +p 1050 from a 2" they don't make them this fast anylonger but I still have some left. I read a article by Masod Ayoob, he stated they shot a Hog with a 380 and it didn't penetrate the Brain enough to kill it. The 38spl 2" did the job.
MrTuffPaws,... WooHoo...I love them LINKS you put-up...<:))
I've been an shooting for over 35+ yrs and shoot both the .380 and the 38 which I prefer. I know some people carry the .380 because of size ,a little flater and easier to conceal more ammo and all but. It just has always been set in my mind as a mouse gun. I just like the way the 38 feels and shoots and with the great loads they have today I can't bring myself to go any smaller just my $.02
I think we are clear that .38spl +P is better than a .380. Regarding chucks opinion on the two rounds that He states are not recomended for use in two inch snubs what are your opinions?

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