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what can you say about PT 92 AF?

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Good day to all.... can you pls help me regarding the pros and cons of a taurus PT92... cause i am planning to buy one... comments are very much appreciated... Thanks!!!
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If you've been lurking then your in for a treat. Put the reading glasses on. You are going to be busy. Go to the search tab on the upper right part of your screen. Make sure that you have the forum in the Home Page screen when doing this.

Put PT 92 in the search box,click search, and stand way back. There will be enough info and opinions t keep you busy for a while.

I'll let the PT92 crowd line up now and answer. Most of what needs saying will come up when and if you do the search.
I just bought the PT 92 AFS two days ago and haven't had a chance to get to the range. I'm looking forward to putting a few hundred rounds toward metal targets. I also own the 1911 and "The Judge". They are both excellent shooters and I don't expect less from the 92. I've been collecting and shooting Smith's for years and am just now getting into the Taurus line. They are great shooters and great looking weapons.
I own t PT92's and they are very, very nice pistols to handle and shoot. You may have heard some people don't carry for the full size grips, but I like them and my wife who happens to be about 5' nothing and very petite has no trouble blaming away with them. They are generally very accurate, even well beyond 50yds (which is generally considered average max handgun useful range). We shoot tennis balls hanging from a string at 100yds where I live, you don't hit it every time but thats not the guns fault :)
In my experience, the PT92 design has proven itself to be a very Accurate, Reliable, and Durable, workhorse of a gun. Have some 22,000 rounds thru mine, with more coming!

The only caveat about the design is Locking Block Maintenance, of which there is a post in our FAQ section. http://www.taurusarmed.net/forums/index.php?topic=1848.0
thank you so much for all your reply.... glad that alot of people here are willing to educate a newbie like me. two thumbs up for you guys.... from the buttom of my heart... i will do the search... thanks!!!
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