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Primer wipes... or primer drags are not that uncommon among various brands of semi-automatic pistols. Evidently sometimes this occurance can happen by some function of the gun, or perhaps by design. Here is an observation by Stephen Camp (a respected gun writer and author of his own very popular website... http://www.hipowersandhandguns.com/.)


These Corbon DPX cases were fired in the Kimber (left) and SIG-Sauer (right). Neither shows the classic signs of excessive pressure, but one can see very minor primer flow beginning on the primer fired in the Kimber. Neither case exhibits flattened primers. The telltale firing pin "wipe" is present on the primer fired in the SIG-Sauer. This is typical and to be expected. The SIG-Sauer pistols purposely have a bit slower firing pin retraction to help thwart debris from entering the firing pin channel.

  • Whether it is intentionally designed that way, or just a quirk don't worry about it! It seems to be normal for some of the .40 and .45 Caliber Tilt Barrel design pistols.
  • What might cure it would be a heavier Firing Pin Return Spring from Wolff GunSprings. It will not damage your gun, nor create any unsafe environment.
  • It may happen only once in a while, or the first and the 20,000th case may look identical.
  • It is only a problem, if it is a problem in your mind. If you want to look on the bright side, it is a unique "signiture" of your gun should it be stolen and you need to prove original ownership. A documented empty hull will prove the gun is yours.

This FAQ was the product of the group effort of all the moderators of Taurus Armed.
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