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Well it finally happened.........

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Well it finally happened, traded the pt111 g2 in for these two beauties, $589 for both, pt111g2 will always be special being my first gun. Even if it was a piece sometimes, still liked it. Gonna stick around if ya'll will have me, finally gonna get a revolver and wondered whats ya'lls thoughts about Taurus revolvers.

Thanks all


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I have been looking at the Sarsilmaz pistols good looking pair of pistols. Did you get these at a gun show or from a local shop.
Looking good, and you got a great deal. let us know how that SAR CM9 does at the range, I am specifically wondering about the trigger,,,trigger pull weights, how smooth the trigger travel is, What is the reset like, is it audible or just feel a click. I know I am asking a lot, but I do lots of research and help folks buy a good gun for them. So these would be great data points. if can't then just enjoy your new sliders. I already am familiar with the G27, which is a great gun as well.
I have been looking at the Sarsilmaz pistols good looking pair of pistols. Did you get these at a gun show or from a local shop.
local gun shop planned on spending alittle more on a sig p226/g27 combo but I had been looking for a p07/c75 and couldn't turn down a sub 300 full size, first impression are that it is damn comfortable in the hand and trigger has a take up but breaks smooth
The trigger feels great so far has a moderate take up but it breaks very smooth, the reset is longer than a striker fired but thats to be expected in a double action gun. I'll be sure to post my thought later only got to fire two mags they give you 2 mags and range time when u buy it. I can say for me its damn comfortable , thing g19 size slide and g17 grip.
Very nice OP! Welcome to the dark side.
Of course we want you to stay- and I love the Taurus revolvers that I have. Granted, most of them are older...but I'm old, too! :)
Congrats on your new slide guns.
Those are NICE! Congrats on the pickup!
No Taurus ownership required to chat, just stick to the guidelines.

That's an interesting gun, sorta looks like a CZ clone. THAT would be a good thing. :D I own 4 Taurus revolvers and a Heritage which is owned by Taurus. The 66s are wonderful older guns as is the 85 SSUL which I bought new in 1996 and rides daily in my pocket. The little 605 Poly is unreal accurate and is chambered for .357 magnum. I've come to really be attached to that revolver, too. I have a good opinion of Taurus revolvers, put it that way.
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They look great, but how do they shoot ?. Need a range report.
The glock is well a glock not perfect but shoots very well just a little less real estate then I'm use to and a larger caliber. The CM9 is much smoother then I thought it would be, would highly recommend
Real nice looking guns. I just bought a Taurus Model 65 357 and love it. Gotta have a wheel gun!
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Nice acquisitions! We like all types of firearms here!
A 27 is my EDC .... Nice looking pistols !
Very nice.
Can never go wrong with a glock, they just work.

The Sal is also a solid gun, can be hard to find accessories for, but they have a good reputation.

Congratulations on both.
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