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I been meaning since I got back in to shooting to see if I could hit the side of a barn, with my left hand. Today was the day!

I knew I was right eye dominate, and even with my left hand I was sighting with my dominate eye. I supprised myself, by getting on paper with the first mag and cylinder from Pt111 & Rossi 461 w/38's.

I actually did a little better left handed than I thought I would ever be. This was from about 30 feet, right and left handed, two handed and one handed. mostly SA on the revolver til I got used to it left handed.

I only shot about 100 rds mixed 9mm 115/124gr & 38's, 158gr. While I was consistent in hitting the critical zone, I can sure tell that I have not shot in almost 4 weeks.

I did a little warm up earlier in the day with my 22LR SA cowboy gun, right handed only. I still want a DA 22lr, if I can find one for a good price. I hate clearing one round at time, then reloading same way.

Now the fun, Is anyone else right eye dominate, when shooting left handed??? If so how did it affect your shooting?
Oh and for further interest I finally got to load and shoot my 24/7 17 rd mag. It performs perfectly, no problem gripping with that extended mag at all. It will make a nice backup mag, when I am carrying, if the State ever comes thru with my CCDW.
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