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WE WANT A LASER or at least i DO......

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Hey everyone just joined the forum I am a proud new Taurus PT111 3rd Gen owner. I am glad to say I really do like this firearm, but I am saddened at the lack of accessories for this Fine CCW weapon. I am trying to get everyone to go to the following link. To request a laser grip, it should be very easy for them to make a laser grip that would fit the PT111, PT140 and the PT145 since they are practically the same frame. If they see the need for this product then maybe they will produce it. http://www.crimsontrace.com/default.asp?id=501&a=future

Also If everyone puts a request in at laser max at the below link. Hopefully someone will get the hint. http://www.lasermax.com/about/contact.php

I also hope everyone else wants a laser also, and if you don't can you help the ones who do, and put a request in...THANKS>
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There is a was to have what you're after now with a little work

Here is a LaserLyte mounted to my PT145. The mount was from the 24/7 which I sold.

The problem is the mount length... so I used a miter saw to trim the rear portion so that it would catch the front lug. The mount is a polymer/plastic material and cuts quite clean. The only problem with the Mil Pro series is simply the overall length of the laser unit itself. If you don't mind the protrusion, it will work fine.
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unfortunately my PT111 don't even have a rail..........

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No rail? Midway shows a Laserlyte model (a couple) called "Universal". They attach to the trigger guard. Not for me, but it is another option. I love options.
yeah i seen those okranger said that aramalaser was working on one it looks like they are going on the trigger guard also. I think the the guide rod internal laser is the way I want to go, I will just have to wait. and wait.
That's good to hear okranger. Got set on my G19 and I love them.
clason69 said:
yeah i seen those okranger said that aramalaser was working on one it looks like they are going on the trigger guard also. I think the the guide rod internal laser is the way I want to go, I will just have to wait. and wait.
I like the fact that the Lasermax units are internal, but the touch activated instant on of armalaser is what I like if I'm in a SHTF situation. There is no way I'm looking for a button or switch at that moment.
Here is something I have been looking at for my PT-145 & my XD45. I know there is not a holster made for it as of this date, but as a home defense weapon, or pocket carry, I believe it could be a viable solution.

It is the Uni-Max Rail Mount Laser produced by Lasermax. I like the fact that it too has another rail on the bottom that a light could be attached as well.

Here is the link to the information.
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tex45acp I see your in texas but in ohio there are a few companies using 1/8" kaydex to make IWB holsters or OWB holsters these holsters are completely adaptive you can change the way they go on your belt IWB, OWB, J hooks, Loops, you name they have it. But the sweet thing is they will mold the holster to your weapon with the laser on the rail and it will be a custom fit. maybe you could look for something like that down there.
Well at least someone is listening...... I talked to a guy who is a tru glow dealer, and he called tru glow to get me a price on night sights, tru glow said they were in the testing phase with the PT 111 sight. He also said the sales on the millennium pro series have been great and come December or January, he expects to see a lot of accessories for this model hit the market.

Are they going to be for the newer Mill. Pros with DOVETAIL sights?
Anyone ever try the LaserLyte sub-compact lasers on their railed PT145?


Is it short enough for the small rail?
Are they going to be for the newer Mill. Pros with DOVETAIL sights?
From what the guy told me they were for the new Mill Pro's, he said they have a big show in Dec. or Jan. in Vegas and that were everyone releases there new accessories. For the newer models.
I'm from civilian concealed carry, mostly urban settings. Thought a lot about night sights, studied up on lasers, and finally got lasergrips for three other carry guns. Hope I can find something similar that will work on the PT745. Here's why: No extra movements, automatic on when you grip the sidearm, changes gun profile minimally, user installed, quality of manufacture.

In one way, liked the lasermax product better (for glock, for example) because it is strong, simple, and doesn't change the shape of the gun at all. (Great Product.) While lasergrips don't do much of significance to change a revolver's profile, going back to the glock example there is some added grip thickness and the module extends laterally out to the side maybe half-an-inch plus. That has some affect on concealement (though a G26, at least, will still hide fairly well under a T-shirt, IWB -- I do sometimes hang the tail of the shirt over a cell phone on the other side, exposing the phone to distract the eye away from the pistol.)

Because of the potential for a critical, sudden explosion of action in an urban threat situation, any small extra complication of movement between condition red and actually pulling the trigger is important. Physiology of fight-or-flight complicates that. This importance can certainly be reduced by training, but not eliminated. Guess its one of those judgement calls. No perfect correct answer.

I'm looking hard at Armalaser. Someone posted earlier that they might be coming out with one for Taurus MilPro. Anyone have experience with them? Sturdy? Fix well to the gun and hold their point of aim? Thanks for any info.
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By the way, why lasers versus night sights? The above points about night sights are good and valid ones and well spoken. These are important considerations. The issue of instinct is also major. The natural --and intense-- tendency from within a fight-or-flight neurological state is to focus on the threat. That is instinctually driven. From within that hard-wired neurological state (fight-or-flight), one must overcome one's original instincts to some extent in order to make good use of the sights. That may require more training than many of us realize.

Then we have to keep that edge. Trained-in reactions will begin to erode back towards the original instinctive response when neglected for only a relatively short time. We begin to "lose the edge."

Laser sights are a bit more natural for those of us who can't always train enough to keep that edge.

The other part I've thought out is the reason for the deterrent effect of lasers. I am going to go off on theory here, so those of you who don't have your boots on may want to bail to avoid having to wade through it. (Apologies in advance, and thanks to those who read on. Some or likely all of it I'm sure you know already, but I appreciate your indulging my thoughts.)

A predator in the street has, in the moment,a particular mindset that perceives the "victim" as an animal sees prey. There is a process of re-evaluation that must happen for the predator to let go of that mindset. It may happen very quickly, and internally, but it must happen before the predator behavior will change.

Unless they have a true death wish (--and although that is certainly possible, especially these days, it is a different subject--), a predator that continues its attack has simply failed to perceive the danger to itself as "real" enough to break up that predator mindset. We all have heard of events where the predator hesitated before breaking off an attack, or even continued the attack in spite of the "victim" being an armed defender, and (hopefully) was physically stopped.

When a predator sees that a defender has a gun, the potential of a bullet actually entering the predator's body is a couple of logical steps away. The predator may think of the defender missing or failing to shoot, and these may seem as real to the predator in the moment as getting shot. When a predator sees a gun and at the same time sees a red dot over its heart, those steps are short circuited. The predator is immeditely forced to visualize the bullet entering its body, rather than think around that consequence. That image crowding into the predator's mindset may seem more "real" and imminent than other possibilites.

Ok, what do you think? By the way, thanks for hanging on. I promise that I will not post or post very short for a while to balance that off. ---doug
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Oh, geez, sorry ... but I have to pass this on. Armalaser says they will have one for Mil-Pro in early '08.
GuideRod Version

I think the guiderod version would be my preference simply because it retains the original shape of the pistol.

Maybe we can put together something (like a proposal) stating how many of us would be willing to buy the laser and a manufacture will take that more serious. I am sure if 30-50 of us would be willing to buy then someone would make one.
I wanted a guide rod type laser,too. That is untill I saw the $375 price. I bought the Laserlite "Q.D." for my PT92 for about $125, instead. This model will also fit several other guns, also.
As has already been stated, the more Taurus owners write Crimson Trace and LaserMax, the more likely they are to put out systems for Taurus guns (which seem to be badly neglected), though I can understand why some owners don't want to bother as some of the laser set-ups cost (nearly) as much as the guns themself!
I did get an email today from arma laser. Look slike it wil only work on the models with rails. Here it is:

"Dear Jason,

A while back you had completed a model request pages on our website for a
touch-activated laser system for your Taurus PT-145.

Here is a pic:

The good news is that we are close to shipping out a model to fit your

The ArmaLaser RSS (Reactive Sighting System) will start shipping at the
end of the year. Price will be $179 and it features a very bright
next-generation 635nm laser module.

More pics and an order link will be on our website at www.armalaser.com
within a few weeks so that you can pre-order.

Thanks and please let me know if I can answer any questions.

Rick Hovsepian
ArmaLaser Inc.
4699 N. Federal Hwy
Suite 110
Pompano Beach, FL 33064 USA
Direct Line 954-937-6054
Fax 954-426-6334
[email protected]
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