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I used to be a big fan of lasers from the straight up intimidation factor they can offer. Eventually I realized I really don't need to intimidate anyone. If i'm actually going to pull my gun out 9/10 i'm going to actually shoot someone. I made that decision when I pulled it out.

I'm not actually going to use it to line up a shot. In that situation I'm probably going to be shooting off of instinct anyway and I'll be lucky if use the sights at all. :) Not to mention that most self defense engagements are very close range anyway.

I bought a cheap $30 rail mounted laser off ebay and played with it. The recoil on the .45 screwed it up after 2-3 rounds and I would have to recalibrate which was a pain in the ass. I took it off and it's been in the side pocket of my range bag ever since... Wait, i take that back. I took it out and used it to play with the cats once too.

If i could get an internal laser-max style laser for the 24/7 I might consider it, but apart from that it's not worth it in my opinion especially with what lasermax charges.

I am, however, considering a tactical light sooner or later.

For the holster part of the equation, I bought a cheap nylon shoulder rig, split the seam on the holster and re-sewed it leaving an opening for the rail mounted laser. Worked very well while I had the laser on it.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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