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I had a chance to shoot a laser equipped gun a while back (S&W Sc 1911). That little red dot be-bopping around on the target annoyed me. Before I got through the first mag I paused to find the off switch. Gun ran fine.

As a training add I think they'd be helpful. It'd be an easy way to show a newer shooter how just a little movement at your end can easily cause a miss at the target. Plus, I suspect that a laser would help you work on your trigger skills as you can SEE if you are jerking the gun when dry-firing (remember to double and triple check that the gun is unloaded before starting).

Now with all this, a cheap underbarrel laser would likely work just fine for what I've said above.

But if someone really wants a laser, get a good quality one for social use. Me, I'd rather put the extra money into training ammo or actual training.

1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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