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WE WANT A LASER or at least i DO......

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Hey everyone just joined the forum I am a proud new Taurus PT111 3rd Gen owner. I am glad to say I really do like this firearm, but I am saddened at the lack of accessories for this Fine CCW weapon. I am trying to get everyone to go to the following link. To request a laser grip, it should be very easy for them to make a laser grip that would fit the PT111, PT140 and the PT145 since they are practically the same frame. If they see the need for this product then maybe they will produce it. http://www.crimsontrace.com/default.asp?id=501&a=future

Also If everyone puts a request in at laser max at the below link. Hopefully someone will get the hint. http://www.lasermax.com/about/contact.php

I also hope everyone else wants a laser also, and if you don't can you help the ones who do, and put a request in...THANKS>
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I would mind a internal laser for my PT-111. I don't care for the Crimson Trace laser grips though. Had a set on my Glock 19 and hated them. They added to much thickness to the gun but I'am sure a lot of people like them.
IMO, lasers make lazy shooters. You begin to rely too heavily on where the dot is, instead of using the sights for a precise shot.
Very true Drew they do. Lasermax sent me this message this morning too "Unfortunately, there are no plans to manufacture anything for the Taurus PT series". So it's night sight time huh Drew.
I had a chance to shoot a laser equipped gun a while back (S&W Sc 1911). That little red dot be-bopping around on the target annoyed me. Before I got through the first mag I paused to find the off switch. Gun ran fine.

As a training add I think they'd be helpful. It'd be an easy way to show a newer shooter how just a little movement at your end can easily cause a miss at the target. Plus, I suspect that a laser would help you work on your trigger skills as you can SEE if you are jerking the gun when dry-firing (remember to double and triple check that the gun is unloaded before starting).

Now with all this, a cheap underbarrel laser would likely work just fine for what I've said above.

But if someone really wants a laser, get a good quality one for social use. Me, I'd rather put the extra money into training ammo or actual training.

I have shot both a 9mm and a .45 with a laser on the rails.

They are fun, but they take a bit of time to find and acquire the target... longer than your natural eye would take and they take more time because they "bounce" with every heartbeat or breath.

Plus, it is very difficult to find a holster to fit.

I have a LaserLyte best quality that I would sell to give you the experience, but I wouldn't carry one.
Cimarron, Did you say something about a holster with a laser mounted? These seem interesting.
Lasers are nice additions and for some people with the right situation they can be beneficial. I have a few and have used them, but given a choice between either a light or a laser mounted on my firearm, I'd go for the light... Surefire is very hard to beat.
Hey everybody just wanted to thank you for the response, keep passing the word on and continue to put the requests in. Eventually someone will see the demand for this product and will put it into production.
I do see how someone could become lazy with a laser, but as a concealed carry permit holder you should take upon your self to be accurate without a laser also.
I agree 100% that I would rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.
If you're training with a new firearm, or are new to shooting in general, a laser can be invaluable for dry fire situations. Even turning it on for the first shot, using your sights, then turning it off for the duration can be a great way to get used to new sights or shooting in general.

Lasers also pose a problem in law enforcement. Mainly on drug raids or when serving a warrant. If you bust down the door and there's a few gentlemen with the business ends of their shotguns aimed at you...and you ALL have lasers....which one is yours? That half a second or several seconds could cost you your life.

I could understand how a laser would help if you were trying to hip shot...but seriously...if you're counting on a hip shot, you might as well not even bother. 'Cause you're most likely not gonna make it out of the situation.

Once I get my funds in order I fully intend to buy some night sights for my PT145, and possibly a tactical light. The bright shock of a Tactical light could give you that half a second edge over someone who is trying to take your life. That, and you don't have to bother pulling a flashlight out of your pocket. (or off your belt)

All the police officers in the town I live in carry the Sig P229. They come standard with the Crimson Trace grips, and almost every single one of the guys has removed them. My step-dad was the Arms Instructor for the department here for 22 years. When he was still a Cop, he had the Chief sign off to let everyone carry their own pistol if they chose to do so...most did. His parting gift before getting disability (hearing loss...who woulda thunk it?) was to find a reliable standard issue sidearm for the department. I believe that was the P226. (That was in 2000)
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I like the laser lyte, it would work, it is very low profile but unfortunately i have no rails on the PT 111. I'll just give it time, Sooner or later Laser max will make an internal laser and thats what I will wait for. But still everyone keep sending those requests so they make one.
Actually I emailed LaserMax and they have no plans to make one for the pt-111 series. I know it sucks, I wanted one too.
Yeah they all told me they had no plans on making one, I emailed crimsontrace about 4 different models of firearms I was looking at before I purchased my CCW weapon, and they said they had no plans on making one for any of the models i listed. But 2 months later They are in the testing phase with the Springfield XD laser grip. (they have pictures and everything.) Also Crimson Trace is putting out a laser grip for the beretta tomcat\bobcat, and if I am not mistaken that has been around for awhile. The popularity of the Millennium Pro is just starting to grow. So we have to be patient and keep bugging all the companies untill they make it.
True, if they a big enough demand for the product. They will make them sooner or later, hopefully sooner.
okranger --- where did you find out about the armalaser. Its not he most attractive laser but it is something. Thanks for the info.....any dates or articles about it.
I used to be a big fan of lasers from the straight up intimidation factor they can offer. Eventually I realized I really don't need to intimidate anyone. If i'm actually going to pull my gun out 9/10 i'm going to actually shoot someone. I made that decision when I pulled it out.

I'm not actually going to use it to line up a shot. In that situation I'm probably going to be shooting off of instinct anyway and I'll be lucky if use the sights at all. :) Not to mention that most self defense engagements are very close range anyway.

I bought a cheap $30 rail mounted laser off ebay and played with it. The recoil on the .45 screwed it up after 2-3 rounds and I would have to recalibrate which was a pain in the ass. I took it off and it's been in the side pocket of my range bag ever since... Wait, i take that back. I took it out and used it to play with the cats once too.

If i could get an internal laser-max style laser for the 24/7 I might consider it, but apart from that it's not worth it in my opinion especially with what lasermax charges.

I am, however, considering a tactical light sooner or later.

For the holster part of the equation, I bought a cheap nylon shoulder rig, split the seam on the holster and re-sewed it leaving an opening for the rail mounted laser. Worked very well while I had the laser on it.
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clason69 said:
okranger --- where did you find out about the armalaser. Its not he most attractive laser but it is something. Thanks for the info.....any dates or articles about it.
I have one on my Kel-Tec P3AT. I first read about them of KTOG. Good value, fits tight and it works. Plus the touch-activation works well. I filled out a model request form and Nick emailed letting me know it was already on their list.
Well at least someone is listening...... I talked to a guy who is a tru glow dealer, and he called tru glow to get me a price on night sights, tru glow said they were in the testing phase with the PT 111 sight. He also said the sales on the millennium pro series have been great and come December or January, he expects to see a lot of accessories for this model hit the market.
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