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we did it

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last night i paid me and my wifes CHL applation 140.00 (280.00 for both) to the texas department of public safty.as soon as they send the packet we are going to take the CHL class at the collage 85.00each plus 25.00 for 2 passport photos (total of 220.00).i hope D.P.S. sends those packets out ASAP so we can take the class march 1st.if they dont we have to wait untill april 1st.then after the class the 2 or 3 month wait will begin.is there anyone here from texas that has taking the CHL class remember how long it took the DPS to mail out the packet? we really would like to take the marck 1st class but i dont want to sign up for it if the packets dont make it to us in time.
thanks to all
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They mailed it almost immediately. You'll probably get it next week.

Be sure to double-check your fingerprints when you do them. I just got my packet back because the rejected my fingerprints.....not good enough. I think that is odd, since it was a renewal. My fingerprints have not changed that I know of.
thats crazy,i have a friend in the navy and he said everytime you change ships they fingerprint you. thanks for the info.so is the test hard? a buddy said there is a lot of questions about dates.
Have your fingerprints transmitted electronically to DPS and you won't have to worry about getting your card back to do again.
Just like NYPD said, you can do your fingerprints electronically. They send you the info for that in your packet. IF you decide to do electronic fingerprinting, go ahead & set up an appointment.......they run a couple weeks out.

The tests are very easy. Both written & shooting......too easy. I kind of wish they were tougher. Most of it's common sense stuff.
Read the handbook several times and you should be good to go. Most of the material will be covered in the class but something always comes up on the test that wasn't brought up. If possible smaller classes will give you more info. My last class had almost 30 people in it and we spent more time filling out the paper work and taking photos than class time.

The shooting part is simple and fun. Just don't let the instructors make you nervous. Safety will be stressed above all.

I believe they have 90 days to send the CHL to you after passing the test. They usually take most of that 90 days.

Study a little, practice a little, and you will be good to go.
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